Walnut trees for nut production, Walnut trees for timber production, Pistachio trees and Blueberry plants.

Discover our plant tissue culture propagated. We use advanced techniques for selecting and cloning plant species, with the aim of obtaining the best walnut varieties and rootstocks for walnut trees for the production of walnuts, walnut trees for wood, pistachio trees and blueberriesy.

We advise on the profitability of agricultural projects in order to achieve a productive crop conditioned in time and form to the demands of each customer. With Meristec you will obtain plants of a variety or clone in a large-scale way following innovative procedures, the result of which will be efficiently and profitably conditioned to the edaphoclimatic conditions of your orchard.


One of the most profitable farming alternatives in Spain: walnuts. Its fruit, the nut, is one of the most consumed in the world, with sales of up to millions of tons of different walnut species.

Plantación de Nogal

Discover one of the most appreciated fine woods on the market. Its profitability grows in line with the tree with a product that, far from being perishable, increases its value during the time on the plantation.

Planta pistachero cultivo in-vitro

Discover one of the best clonal pistachio rootstocks prapagated by tissue culture in their different formats. A Pistacia atlantica x P. integerrima hybrid, resistant to Verticillium dahliae, and tolerant to salinity and winter frosts.

Plantación de arandanos para cultivo

Blueberries are nutritionally successful berries from shrub plants and the fruits of the forest group. They contain tannins, organic acids, hypoglycemic substances, antioxidants, are low in calories, among other benefits, which make it the perfect fruit for medical use.

Plantación de alcornoque

Meristec, as a solution to the low and irregular production of acorns, came up with the development and implementation of an intensive crops of holm oaks and other Mediterranean Quercus with selected trees because of their great production. They would be new innovative crops with high productive capacity, with interesting implications in income increases for both the farmer and the owner of pastures.


Meristec has specialized biotechnologists available to listen to your requests. We analyse your proposal to develop projects with other plant species that adapt to market demand and customer requirements.