Meristec commercializes the best pistachio rootstock clones plants produced through by in-vitro cultivationtissue culture, the clone UCB1. It is a hybrid of Pistacia Atlantica x P. integerrima obtained by the University of California. Its exceptional vigor makes the root-taking on this rootstock extremely high. In California, the usual way to use this clonal UCB1 is for the plantation orchard to be completely grafted budded on the first leaf.

It must be borne in mind that, in California, practically all orchards are irrigated, where this rootstock has been used for over 30 years, which, to this day, are still in full production. For this reason, it is a very interesting rootstock to be used in Spain under the same conditions. It is currently being evaluated in dry land in different commercial areas, where its greater vigor has favoured quick entry into production (4th green).

Planta pistachero cultivo in-vitro

The pistachio tree is a fruit nut species whose hybridized mainhybrid rootstocks achieves high productivity due to its high vigor. Its rootstock pattern is UCB1The most widely rootstock used for pistachios is UCB1.


Hybrid closed pollination rootstock with high tolerance to diseases such as Verticillium dahliae, salinity and winter cold. Its great  makes it a species that advances production, invreasing yields and with, budding takes greater than 90%. The plant size format we deliver to other nurseries is around 20 cm in height.