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Fusion of cork oak and holm oak

In this post we leave you all the information about our new creation: the fusion of cork oak and holm oak. Why this fusion? The traditional exploitation of the pastures presents, nowadays, serious problems that have direct consequences on their profitability. In the first place, we find a low density in the dehesas since the […]

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Meristec, biotechnology at your service

At Meristec we research, innovate and develop plant production systems using plant biotechnology, satisfying the demands of the agricultural market. Our in-vitro propagation experience reflects the professionalism and responsibility of the entire team. We are always looking for the maximum potential that can be obtained from each plant species. Since 2013 we have a group […]

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The nut, the most profitable alternative in Spain

Why is it so profitable to produce walnut? Meristec proposes one of the most profitable farming in Spain: walnut trees for nut. Spain has an important agricultural production, and it is curious to find a product like walnut with a deficit commercial balance. In our territory, more than 27,000 tons of walnuts are consumed annually and […]

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