Pistachio cultivation: UCB1 rootstocks

 In Meristec

At Meristec, we are the only company producing UCB1 clonal rootstock by in vitro culture since 2015.


 If you want to grow pistachio, now is the perfect time!


Pistachio production has an assured future, and at Meristec we want to help you to promote this alternative crop due to its high profitability in production.


For this we offer you the best pistachio clonal rootstocks, totally rooted with exceptional characteristics and with immediate availability. Thus guaranteeing your crop for this season, and ensuring that the current high market demand does not affect your production.


 Pistachio cultivation.


The pistachio tree is a dioecious tree, which means that it can only have male or female flowers.  However, in order to produce fruit, the pollen from the male trees must travel through the wind to the female trees, the latter being the only ones that produce fruit.


This is of vital importance, as the method of cultivation of the pistachio tree has a particularity, and that is the need to plant it from grafted plants.



Which rootstock should you choose to increase the yield of your crop?


When choosing which rootstock to use, we must consider certain aspects, as this can influence the growth of the plant, its production and its most important characteristics.


Currently, in Meristec we commercialise the best clonal rootstocks of pistachero by in-vitro cultivation of the clone UCB1. This is a hybrid of Pistacia atlantica x P.integerrima obtained by the University of California.


Its exceptional vigour means that the grafting performance on this rootstock is extremely high. When we talk about the rootstock, we refer to that part of the plant that provides the roots to the variety, which will produce the fruit.


UCB1 rootstock for pistachio cultivation.


It is a hybrid rootstock of closed pollination with high resistance to diseases such as Verticillium dahliae, tolerant to salinity and winter cold. Its great vigour makes it a species that brings forward the entry into production, achieving a high yield, with a grafting rate of over 90%. It is marketed with an approximate height of 20 cm in its nursery form. It is also tolerant to Phytophtora and salinity, providing great vigour and an excellent apical dominance that favours grafting. It is perfect for both irrigated and dry farming.


As a result of all these factors, we obtain a fully rooted rootstock, compatible with all commercial varieties such as Sirora, Larnaka, Kerman, Randy,

Peter, C-Special and with immediate availability.


At Meristec we have immediate availability of perfectly rooted and hardened plants, with exceptional characteristics, ready to go both to the field and to the nursery. Check formats and prices with our sales team!


Take advantage of the extraordinary vigour of the pistachio tree, maximum uniformity and powerful fasciculated root system of the clonal plants propagated in vitro. A very profitable crop, both in irrigated and dry farming. It ensures the use of a plant with the highest quality and guarantee as the engine of your plantation, your profitability depends on it.


Ask us without obligation all your doubts about pistachio cultivation and start making your crop profitable. Our customers have been using this rootstock since 2015 with excellent results!

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