Pistachio tree, one of the best clonal rootstocks.

 In Meristec

We are committed to innovation and research for your crop.

With more than 20 years of experience in the sector, we continue to research and use advanced techniques in the in-vitro cultivation of plant species, but now, you may be wondering, what does the in-vitro cultivation technique consist of?


We apply the latest techniques in plant biotechnology to propagate selected materials by in-vitro culture. In this way, we obtain cloned plants from rootstocks and self-rooted varieties prepared to maximize the results of your nursery or cultivation project.


Our main objective is that the client achieves the desired result of their crop, for this we have a large group of researchers specialized in the development of plant micropropagation systems.


We want to be your reliable plant production center, using advanced techniques to provide you with the best product to make your plantations profitable.


Why Meristec?


Our work is based on 3 fundamental values for us, on the one hand micropropagation, which consists of the reproduction of a mother plant material under controlled laboratory conditions in order to obtain genetically identical plants.


On the other hand, we want to be up to date with the latest techniques, which is why another of our fundamental values is innovation. We use cutting-edge plant biotechnology techniques to propagate plants of interest to our customers. Our aim is to optimize the agricultural profitability of your plantation.


And finally, commitment, we are part of your team. We advise you on the profitability and improvement of agricultural projects and we meet the requirements of each client in a timely manner. Our purpose is to increase the potential of crops through a friendly and professional hand.


Meristec is constantly innovating in order to meet the requirements of all our customers. For this reason, we respond to the requests of the international market in order to dedicate our research efforts to the production of new clonal plant species of maximum yield and quality.


Have you just started an agricultural project? At Meristec we bring your plantation to life with a productive crop of the highest quality. Contact us and we will attend to you personally.

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