Walnut for walnuts, the most profitable alternative.

 In Meristec

Meristec offers one of the most profitable cultivation alternatives in Spain: walnut for walnuts.

At Meristec we produce both self-rooted plants of the best varieties and selected clonal rootstocks. In this way, our customers can choose the best rootstock-rootstock combination or self-rooted variety that adapts to their soil and climatic conditions.


When deciding on this type of crop, you may have different doubts, so today we want to help you by telling you the advantages and curiosities of this crop.It is one of the most consumed fruits in the world, among which there is a wide varietal offer that requires an adequate selection, a correct plantation design and a formation of the trees essential for its productivity.


We can find different walnut varieties that we classify according to their fruiting capacity. But which is the best variety or clone to use?This is very simple, we will always have to look for that variety that adapts to our needs, the climate will also play an important role when making this decision. In addition to the climate, you should choose to use the material that works best on your farm, it is much easier to get the right plant material for our conditions than to try to adapt the conditions of the farm.


At Meristec we have a wide range of varieties and clones, both for nut and wood production. If you would like to know which is the material that is going to give you the best performance on your farm, ask us for personalised information free of charge through our technical-commercial department.


On the other hand, which plantation frame should I use? As with the previous question, it depends. That is to say, it depends on the variety or clone to be used. The soil and climatic conditions of the farm, which will condition the length and quality of the vegetative period and, therefore, the growth potential of our conditions aspects related to management: availability of irrigation, fertigation system…

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