Cultivation in winter is also possible.

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Blueberries and walnut for wood.


At Meristec we research, innovate and develop plant production systems using plant biotechnology to meet the demands of the agricultural market. Our mission is to provide a service of research, development and advice on plant production through innovative micropropagation procedures.


We have a wide variety of products in our catalogue such as walnut for walnut and for wood, pistachio, blueberry and holm oak/corn oak. Each of them has specific characteristics, which means that they cannot all be grown at the same time.


At this point in time, we do not have low temperatures, frost and rain, so among the varieties that can be grown at this time, we find the walnut for wood in its RGA variety and the blueberry.


Blueberries are considered the fruit of the 21st century. This berry has become a benchmark both for its low calorie content and for its high fibre and antioxidant content. This species is grown in in-vitro processes and is resistant to winter colds. The fruit obtained from this crop, which is full of benefits, is between 7 and 12 millimetres in size, and it is very good!


As for the walnut for wood, it is one of the most appreciated noble woods both in the national and international market. This crop has densities of 600 to 750 kg/m3. Moreover, this wood resists well to weathering and fungi. Walnut for wood is a very interesting crop as it stands out for its high economic yield, although for this we must make a good choice of land. The RGA variety of walnut for wood is perfect for this time of year, the growth is more rustic and it is recommended in areas with low temperatures in winter. Besides, it has something that makes it really special, its capacity to obtain different tonalities.

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