Innovation and commitment for your crop

 In Meristec

At Meristec we research, innovate and develop production systems that meet the demands of the agricultural market.


Biotechnological research is one of our pillars to achieve this optimal profitability. What we do first is to search, select and investigate what is special about that plant variety that the client optimizes and obtain greater profitability than the current one. This research helps us to provide new solutions to ensure high-quality mass production.


Innovation plays a fundamental role in our formula to achieve our objective, we use cutting-edge plant biotechnology techniques in the sector to propagate the plants of interest to our clients. Our goal is to optimize the agricultural profitability of your plantation.


How do we introduce innovation in our processes? For example, we have introduced an innovative technique such as micropropagation in which we massively produce plants of a variety or clone through in vitro culture or micropropagation, which consists of the reproduction of a mother plant material in controlled laboratory conditions. to obtain genetically identical plants.


But this does not end there, in addition, those varieties that we select carry behind an enormous investigation to select the one with the best agronomic skills to optimize the performance of your business and thus achieve high productivity and economic profitability. All these procedures are supervised by professionals in the biotechnology sector for the correct supply in a timely manner.


At Meristec we offer you a wide variety of in-vitro propagation products so that you get the best results from your crops, we also advise you on the profitability of agricultural projects.


Among our varieties are walnut for walnut, walnut for wood, pistachio, blueberry and oak / cork oak. Each one of them has the necessary characteristics to carry out this process.


Our purpose is to increase the potential of the crops through a friendly and professional hand that we offer you at Meristec. Get in touch with us and make your crop profitable. Click here.

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