Irregular production in the traditional pasture

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Thanks to Meristec’s research and innovation, we have found a solution to your production problems.


The intensive cultivation of oak-cork oak production is very interesting, ideas that are proposed regarding this is to cultivate in intensive or super-intensive regime of holm oaks or cork oaks in farms with suitable climatic characteristics. How it is performed? Acorns are distributed at the right time on the floor of the pastures for direct consumption by Iberian pigs.


But now, these types of productions with traditional exploitation present several problems. How does this affect production?


One of the most relevant aspects of the traditional exploitation of the pastures is the scarce and irregular production. The average production is around 250 kgs per hectare with strong alternations, in addition to a minimum of 20 years to bear fruit regularly.


What solution does Meristec propose to this?


As a solution to this scarce and irregular production of acorns, our proposal is to bet on innovation and research, that is, Meristec biotechnology, to develop and implement intensive cultivation of holm oaks and other Mediterranean Quercus with trees selected for their high production.


It should be remembered that low production is not the only problem that traditional exploitation has, but that there are other relevant factors that must be taken into account, such as diseases.


In this type of production there is a fungus, specifically Phytophtora, which produces the disease better known as “dry”. What problems does this cause? This fungus kills trees and spreads more and more in the pastures.


Another factor that affects the meadows is the low density, this is due to the existence of very old masses, disease attacks (as mentioned above) and harsh environmental ecological conditions.


Meristec’s proposal? The graft is the key to solve this, through this the current low density of the pastures would be increased.


Meristec provides new options to improve the management and profitability of the pastures, a traditional exploitation that today presents serious problems. We are able to offer genetically improved plants for the production of cork in plantations as well as mycorrhized plants with fungi of the tuber genus for the production of truffles.


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