Fruit growing: The walnut trees

 In Meristec

In Meristec we want to let people know about the different projects we develop, this time we talk about such an interesting crop as walnut.


On February 10th we participated in the magazine of “Fruticultura”, giving voice to such an interesting crop as the walnut tree. As it is said in this specialized magazine, walnut is one of the most difficult species to propagate, both by in vitro culture and by grafting. The walnut tree requires very specific cultivation conditions, both in the laboratory and in the greenhouse or field.


The varieties currently available are ‘Chandler’ or ‘Howard’, while the only clonal rootstock currently being marketed in Spain, the Vlach, is the one on which we focus almost all of our production.


In addition, at Meristec our priority is to help our customers by offering them the highest quality plant with the guarantee that it will develop perfectly in the right conditions, as well as a technical assistance service to ensure that they know the best conditions for the plants they receive from us to have the highest possible yield.


For all this we offer you two options, walnut for walnut and walnut for wood.


Walnut for walnut is one of the most profitable crop alternatives in Spain. One of the most consumed fruits in the world, among which there is a wide varietal offer that requires an adequate selection, a correct plantation design and a formation of the trees essential for its productivity.


On the other hand, walnut for wood is one of the most appreciated hardwoods in both the national and international markets: walnut. It has densities of 600 to 750 Kg/m3, achieving a medium grade hardness, fine grain and straight grain. With a homogeneous character, great elasticity and heaviness, this type of wood resists weathering and fungus well. It is an irreplaceable material for other synthetic products, generating an exponential demand in industrialized countries.


If you are interested in growing walnut trees, or want to know more about them, we advise you to enter our walnut section and get information about this product.

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