Why choosing Meristec?

 In Meristec

Meristec’s task is to research, innovate and develop production systems that meet the needs of the market.

Since 2013 we have a group of scientists specialised in the development of plant micropropagation systems with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.

What solutions does Meristec provide? We advise on the profitability and improvement of agricultural projects, meeting the requirements of each client in a timely manner. We are your reliable plant production centre to provide you with the best product to increase the potential of your crops through a friendly and professional hand.

We are committed to what we do, we are committed to innovation, as we use cutting-edge plant biotechnology techniques in the sector to propagate the plants of interest with the aim of optimising the agricultural profitability of our customers’ plantations.

What do we do? We produce plants of a variety or clone on a massive scale, by means of innovative methods such as micropropagation, the reproduction of a mother plant material in controlled laboratory conditions to obtain genetically identical plants.

We want to keep moving forward to offer you the best solutions, that is why we focus on the creation of exclusive products in order to establish the methods and technologies necessary for their development.

In addition, we are committed to the international market in order to respond to the demands of all our customers, so we attend to the requests of the international market to achieve an exhaustive research of new clonal plant species of maximum yield and quality.

Have you just started an agricultural project? Our aim is to increase the potential of your crops through a friendly and professional hand that we offer you in Meristec. Contact us and make your crop profitable. Click here.

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