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A fruit from shrubby plants that is included in the group of berries.

Did you know that blueberries are full of benefits not only for you but also for your crop? This fruit began to be researched in 1906 at the United States Department of Agriculture, with other research being carried out at the same time in South America, Australia and Europe.

Nowadays, in Spain, the blueberry is the most cultivated species, and its flavour and great benefits such as its antioxidant power make it a crop that has increased notably as a result of the high demand for the fruit.

At Meristec, specifically, it is a plant that we grow using in-vitro processes and is resistant to winter cold. This curious fruit grows to a size of between 7 and 12 millimetres.

But in addition to all this, we offer different species of blueberries adapted to each and every demand:


– Legacy:

It is a vigorous, upright and open bush with flexible canes qualified as one of the best tasting varieties in USDA research trials. It requires 800 to 1000 chilling hours. Early flowering with pure white, elongated flowers and medium sized, light blue, firm berry with excellent flavour and a small dry stem scar. They are less prone to spoilage than other tall bush varieties and have a long shelf life. Can be harvested by hand or machine adapting to different soil taxonomies.


– Star:

It is a vigorous and productive shrub recognised worldwide. It was introduced by the University of Florida in 1996, and its plant produces large berries of high quality, needing approximately 400 hours of chilling. It does not require long chilling hours compared to other varieties, has a concentrated early ripening and is very easy to harvest by hand.


– Windsor:

It is a vigorous bush with thick stems and semi-spreading growth. Its fruit is large (approximately 2.4 grams) with a deep harvest scar which, although in packaging may reduce its post-harvest shelf life, makes it an ideal selection for home gardens. Its colour is similar to Star, with good consistency and excellent flavour.


Meristec is constantly innovating to meet the demands of all customers. For this reason, we respond to the requests of the international market in order to dedicate our research efforts to the production of new clonal plant species of maximum yield and quality.

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