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 In Meristec

At Meristec we research, innovate and develop plant production systems using plant biotechnology, satisfying the demands of the agricultural market.

Our in-vitro propagation experience reflects the professionalism and responsibility of the entire team. We are always looking for the maximum potential that can be obtained from each plant species.

Since 2013 we have a group of researchers specialized in the development of micropropagation systems. We have a team with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to laboratory work and in-vitro culture. The team is also dedicated to commercial advice on solutions for projects and plantations.

We are your reliable plant production center, leader in the walnut and pistachio nut market. We use advanced techniques to provide our customers with the best product to make their plantations profitable.

Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to provide a service of research, development and advice on plant production through innovative micropropagation procedures.

We want to be a world reference in biotechnology through in-vitro cultivation exploiting the most profitable agricultural mass production and demanded by the sector.

The values of our company:

  • Innovation and research.
  • Commitment to our customers.
  • Compliance with delivery deadlines.
  • Profitability and efficiency.
  • Professionalism.
  • Productive quality.
  • Social respect.

Why choose Meristec?


We produce plants of a variety or clone on a massive scale by means of in-vitro cultivation or micropropagation, which consists of the reproduction of a mother plant material under controlled laboratory conditions to obtain generically identical plants.


We use state-of-the-art plant biotechnology techniques in the sector to propagate plants of interest to our customers. Our goal is to optimize the agricultural profitability of your plantation.

The Commitment

We advise on the profitability and improvement of agricultural projects and meet in time and form the demands of each client. Our purpose is to increase the potential of crops through a friendly and professional hand.


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