The nut, the most profitable alternative in Spain

 In Meristec

Why is it so profitable to produce walnut?

Meristec proposes one of the most profitable farming in Spain: walnut trees for nut.

Spain has an important agricultural production, and it is curious to find a product like walnut with a deficit commercial balance. In our territory, more than 27,000 tons of walnuts are consumed annually and around 15,000 tons are produced.

Increase in consumption in spain

In the period between 2012 and 2018, the consumption of walnut in our country has increased by 60%. And in the period 2008-2016 it intensified by more than 100%. Spain is the fourth largest importer of nuts in the world, surpassed only by Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Per capita consumption in Spain reached 0.6 Kg in 2016, while the average in the rest of the EU countries is around 200 g. Expectations of increased consumption exceed those of increased production. In addition, the nut produced in our country is more demanded than the Californian. In this way, prices which, due to their higher quality, remain higher than those of foreign competition. Demand is therefore guaranteed, being this a more than profitable production

Advantages of the walnut

Walnut is a crop that can be mechanized integrally, from pruning to harvesting. Its cultivation costs are around 50% of those of a conventional fruit tree. The nut is easily preserved in agricultural warehouse conditions, avoiding the problems associated with perishable products and allowing marketing at the most interesting time of the market.

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