Walnut tree for walnut: The most profitable alternative

 In Meristec

Meristec proposes one of the most profitable farming alternatives in Spain: walnut tree for walnut. One of the most consumed fruits in the world, among which there is a wide varietal offer that requires an adequate selection, a correct planting design and an essential tree formation for its productivity.

Within this type of crop we find two varieties based on their fruiting:

Terminal fructification and lateral fruiting.

The varieties of terminal fructification are those in which the production occurs in the periphery of the tree and they need a large size to achieve high production. Its production ceiling is low (2500kg / ha, 3000 in exceptional cases). Franquette and Hartley stand out.

The varieties of lateral frutification, are those in which the production is carried out in the buds of each branch, so it is not necessary to increase its size. Its productive ceiling is high (reaches up to 8000kg / Ha depending on conditions). They are lateral varieties: CHANDLER, VINA, HOWARD, TULARE, LARA, SERR, SUNLAND, FERNETTE® and FERNOR®.

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